Because of Ransom’s reluctance to make a food product devoid of flavor the path to creating The Vodka has taken a somewhat schizophrenic approach. The basic idea is to make and bottle spirits that retain the signature of the raw materials used to produce them.

After a gentle, but thorough two week filtration process through a media of charcoal and limestone, a percentage of triple distilled barley white dog is added back to the finished vodka. The white dog is not filtered in any way. This allows the introduction of additional body to supplement the smooth and silky palate achieved with the charcoal and limestone. It also gives the nose a malty dimension to add to the minerality imparted by the limestone. The result is an exceptionally smooth vodka in which the grains are still a part of the flavor profile.

The Vodka

by Ransom

Technical Specifications

Grain bill - 67% corn, 30% barley, 3% rye

Distillation - Pot Distilled in a Prulho 10 hectoliter alambic copper still.

Filter media - Activated charcoal and limestone.

Blend - 70% filtered, 30% triple distilled white dog.


Suggested Cocktails

Mixing Suggestions: Bloody Mary, Martini, Dirty Martini, and Vodka Collins.



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