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West 45 is the product of a desire to share the Oregon lifestyle, through experiencing it's exceptional boutique, artisanal wines, hand-crafted spirits, ciders & craft beer.

We're not your ordinary wine and spirits exporter. Our mission is to promote through export the exceptional quality, artisanal products produced from sustainable, organic and/or biodynamic sources. 

West 45 represents, specializes in small production, artisanal wines, often difficult to find.  We believe that wine should be exceptional, honest and true to the varietal yet without the pretense that often accompanies, and hinders the appreciation of, wine. We believe that spirits should be pure and intense and enjoyed on their own. 

West 45 is a product years of appreciation for Oregon's extraordinary, fortunate geography and the desire to share a part of Oregon's pioneering spirit as embodied in superb organic, sustainably produced wines and spirits, dried fruits and juices. 

 In 2010 Oregon was home to over 418 wineries, and 17 viticultural areas (including sub-viticulture areas), and  bottling 21 million bottles of wine across the 9th largest state in the United States. 

Sourcing wines from Oregon can be a very complex and time consuming endeavor. 

It is the product of, a passion for and appreciation of Oregon's unique geography resulting from it's sustainable environmental approach and stewardship of the land. 

Oregon has been a pioneering state since before it's statehood in 1859. This spirit has shaped and influenced the DNA of Oregonians to follow. Oregon wine industry started in the 1960's by pioneers from California out to prove that varietal specific Bordeaux style wines could be grown in sufficient scale in the state. From a few vineyards in the southern portion of the state, expansion reached the willamette valley where tests revealed Oregon is known as the craft brewing capital.


New Deal Distillery

New Deal Distillery has been proudly crafting small-batch, award-winning spirits in Portland, Oregon — the birthplace of the craft distilling movement.​

New Deal Distillery provides high quality, craft-distilled spirits, inspired by the DIY spirit of the City of Portland. The anti-corporate, establishment philosophy of producing or sourcing from Portland and the Northwest.

All of New Deal artisan vodkas are made locally in small batches with Portland’s Bull Run water (one of North America’s largest gravity-fed water supplies. This water is considered to be among the most pure in the United States), and natural and organic ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible.

New Deal Distillery offers high-quality, craft-distilled spirits made in South East Portland, Oregon: from the classic Portland 88 Vodka -noted for it’s clean, crisp taste. 

New Deal’s sip-able, New Deal Vodka -recognizable by it’s subtle herbal notes; to the spicy and smoky Hot Monkey Pepper Flavored Vodka, a Gold Medal Winner at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Whether you seek classic cocktails, craft cocktails, culinary cocktails, fun cocktails or just something to sip, New Deal has a spirit for every occasion. New Deal has been crafting spirits with passion and precision since 2004, using the best ingredients and customized distillation equipment. We invite you to try one of New Deal’s many award-winning craft spirits and you just might find that one bottle could change your world. 


Clear Creek Distillery

Clear Creek Distillery’s Origins

Clear Creek Distillery was founded in 1985 with a vision to use the bountiful fruits of the Pacific Northwest to create fruit-based spirits that rivaled the best of their European counterparts. Using old-world techniques and sourcing ingredients from the local orchards and fresh water springs of Mount Hood in the Oregon countryside, Clear Creek became one of the first craft distilleries in the United States. Now you can discover one of the Northwest’s unique “orchard to glass” treasures. Clear Creek’s fruit brandies and liqueurs are distilled in small batches using traditional copper pot stills. It takes 15 kilograms of pears to create just one bottle of Clear Creek’s flagship (Williams) pear brandy. Experience the authentic taste of locally grown and hand-crafted fruit spirits, the essence of pure fruit lovingly crafted to create exceptional products. ​



Craft Spirits, Bitters, Beer, Cider & Elixirs from the Pacific Northwest​



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West 45 is the product of a desire to share the Oregon lifestyle, through experiencing it's exceptional boutique, artisanal wines, hand-crafted spirits, ciders & craft beer.