Ransom Sweet Vermouth

Ransom Sweet Vermouth harkens back to the flourishing cocktail culture of the Belle Époque, when joie de vivre filled the air and Vermouth made the evolutionary leap from charlatan snake oil and disguised refuse to a distinguished mainstay of the era’s most popular drinks—the Martinez, the Negroni, and across the pond, the Manhattan.

At Ransom, the production of Vermouth is the great bridge between Ransom’s winemaking and distilling crafts. Beginning in the winery with small lots of aromatic white grapes, Ransom carefully ferments and blends wines of elegance and character, employing traditional techniques to maximize varietal expression, such as fermenting Gewürztraminer on the skins, making botrytised Riesling, and employing carefully controlled oxidation of wine in barrel.

In the distillery, Ransom uses alambically distilled and barrel aged brandy from house-made base wine for fortification. The Vermouth is then infused with a tantalizing blend of aromatic botanicals divined through five years of elaborate blending trials and spirited conversations about the character of test batches. It is sweetened to a bittersweet balance with a proprietary blend of Muscat grape juice, maple syrup, and Turbinado sugar and minimally filtered before bottling.


Packed with citrus and dried fruit, this bold, tawny-orange vermouth has a scent that suggests dried orange peel and dried fig, while the palate mixes grapefruit, orange and honey. The herbal finish is redolent of warm chamomile, cardamom and baking spice.


Base Wine - A blend of Organically and Conventionally farmed aromatic white varietals, including Gewürztraminer, Muscat, Riesling, and Pinot Gris.

Spirits - Brandy alambically distilled in house from a blend of wines from Pacific Northwest grapes. Barrel aged in mixed French oak.


New World Voyages - By Art Tierce - Ransom Spirits

  • 1 Oz / 30 Ml  Ransom Old Tom Gin
  • 1 Oz / 30 Ml  Ransom Sweet Vermouth
  • 1 Oz / 30 Ml  Pampero Aniversario Rum
  • 2 Dashes  Scrappy's Orange Bitters Zest And Peel Of 1 Orange And 1 Lemon

Stir over ice, strain into an old-fashioned glass with a big cube of ice. Add zest and peel of an orange and lemon. 

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